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ExoSlide Bearing Preload Adjustment

Setting Preload for Plastic Tread Slides

  1. Start with the tensioning screw head (M3) not touching the slide face
  2. Fit one end of the slide with only those treads contacting the rail, and adjust the appropriate tensioning screw
  3. Repeat the above step until you achieve a low contact force, with a slight drag on the slide as it is pulled upwards off the rail
  4. Note: if using the numerical method below, the max preload for plastic tread slides is at 0.05mm displacement. Setting the preload by feel is prefered for low preload values as caliper force on the slides can easily distort the measurement!

Setting Higher Preload for Steel Slides

  1. Measure rail outer dimension (D0)
  2. Measure distance between bearings (D1)
  3. Determine preload for application (light for low load, high for heavy load)
  4. Set bearing preload from the chart below, with displacement being D0-D1

Displacement vs. installed preload, slide un-mounted

Displacement (D0-D1).05mm.1mm.15mm.2mm*.25mm
Equivalent Preload (each bearing)10N20N30N40N50N
* max displacement before yield

Displacement (D0-D1).002".004".006".008"*.010"
Equivalent Preload (each bearing)2.2 lbf4.5 lbf4.7 lbf9 lbf11.2 lbf