Ender 5 Plus Z Belt Kit

Upgrade your Creality Ender 5 Plus printer to belt driven Z axis! This kit uses our ExoSlide worm drive gearbox for the Z drive, which is self-locking on power off (never have Z drop again + miss-alignment from the two lead-screws). The belt drive also eliminates banding caused by some Z lead screws.

This kit includes everything needed for the upgrade. It works with the Ender 5 Plus with the ExoSlide XY kit, or with the stock V-wheels for XY.

The ExoSlide Creality Z Belt Motion Kit includes:
  • ExoSlide wormdrive gearbox, 1x
  • Steel idler bracket top assembly, 2x
  • Steel idler bracket bottom assembly, 2x
  • Steel omega Z bracket, 1x
  • Steel Z motor bracket, 1x
  • Printed adjustable bed bracket, 1x
  • Printed fixed bed bracket, 1x
  • GT2-6 Z belt, 3m (118”), 1x
  • GT2 ExoSlide belt clamps, 2x
  • GT2 pulley 20t, 1x
  • M3x12 bolt, 6x
  • M3x35 bolt, 3x
  • M4x12 bolt, 2x
  • M5x8 bolt, 10x
  • M5 T-nut, 10x
  • 1.5mm Allen key

Build Guide