The ExoCube Printer

The ExoCube is a large scale FDM printer that uses a fixed bed and moving gantry (hotend) arrangement. Now in V4 configuration it has a 500mm cube build volume! It is currently available as an ExoCube XYZ Kit that includes the CoreXY motion system parts, four Z gearboxes with omega drive idlers, frame and gantry braces, and all the fasteners. Aluminum extrusions, a bed assembly, and electrical systems are needed to round out a build.

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More ExoSlides, more controlled! The ExoSlide 20P and ExoSlide 40P slides are used for the XY motion (10x 20P, 2x 40P), while the ExoSlide 30S slides are used for the Z axis (6x). Two Bracket 40 are used on the XY gantry, and two Bracket 30 on the Z axis.

Larger size, stiffer frame. The build volume size is now 500mm cube standard (actual size: 520mm X, 490 Y, 500 Z). The outer frame is now 3030 extrusion, with eight ExoSlide Corner Braces

No extrusion tapping needed. Combined with the above 3-way 3030 corner brackets, we developed 2-way 2020 corner brackets for the X gantry frame, eliminating all extrusion end tapping operations.

Higher accuracy motion. The XY motion system uses all metal or injection molded parts to keep it as stiff as possible. Motor brackets are now 3mm thick steel, and the rear idler brackets are U-shaped. The pulleys are custom injection molded toothed idlers too keep ringing down at higher print speeds.

No more Z artifacts. The Z motion system is now belt driven by four ExoSlide Worm-drive Gearboxes. These gearboxes have the added benefit of keeping Z position on power-off, as they do not back drive.

Easier belt installation. We developed our GT2 belt clips to make belt installation much easier. The Z belt and X & Y motor brackets are slotted to make tensioning a snap.

Clean cable management. Cable chains are used on the X and Y, with supporting extrusions and printed brackets.

Questions? There is an active Facebook ExoCube Printer Builders Group with builds from other users, as well as announcements on the latest on the kit

Comments? The background story of this printer, from iteration V1-V4 is posted in the blog. The blog accepts comments as well!

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