The ExoSlide Extruder

All metal extruder design: print all the plastics

The ExoSlide extruder is an all metal design made with premium components. The machined aluminum body acts as the heatsink, while the titanium heat break transmits very little heat to the body, allowing for a quieter 3010 medium speed fan to be used.

Constant mesh gearbox: smooth extrusion for hard and soft plastics

The ExoSlide extruder used a unique constant mesh driven gear design, with the adjustment arm pivoting around the worm drive gear, allowing for hard materials such as PLA or ABS to have the same constant gear mesh as soft TPU plastics.

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Universal hotend mouting: all the hotend options

The ExoSlide extruder uses the reprap standard M6x1 heatbreak thread, for use with our ExoSlide hotend, or many common hot blocks. Also included is a E3D Revo adaptor, so even that is an option to you!

Easy ExoSlide kit integration: print and play

We have printable fan duct brackets for the 4010 and 5015 blowers, as well as BL touch mounts, all found on the product page at the bottom under documents. The ExoSlide extruder mounts directly to the ExoSlide carriage using two M4x12 bolts.

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