Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need plastic bearing treads or plain chrome steel bearings?

A: The plastic treads have lower rail wear and are quieter, used for example on the X & Y carriages of a 3D printer that experiences many thousands of cycles. Plain steel bearings have a higher load rating and roll smoother, used for example on the Z carriages that have more preload and less movement.

In general, if the ExoSlide carriage will travel more than 10,000 cycles on a rail, then use the plastic version, as the steel bearing version will start to wear the aluminum extrusion rail at that point.

Q: How many ExoSlides do I need for each rail?

A: The ExoSlides are sold individually, and four are generally needed for a stand-alone rail. See the guide: How Many ExoSlides Do I Need?

Q: Will they fit all aluminum extrusions?

A: For the vast majority of T-slop and V-slot extrusions, yes, if the width of the extrusion is close to spec, i.e. between 19.85 and 20.05mm for 2020. The slides have adjustable bearing preload to match these cases.

Q: How noisy are they?

A: The plastic treads are very quiet. The plain steel bearings are also surprisingly quiet.

Q: Do they wear the aluminum rails?

A: The plastic threads are softer than the rails and will wear first. The plain steel bearings do leave marks on the rails, with wear proportional to bearing preload and cycles.

Q: How strong are the slides?

A: The ExoSlides were designed to be as strong as possible while still being made from injection molded plastic. Each bearing location can hold 50N radially.

Q: What about replacement parts?

A: We sell replacement bearing treads if needed: plastic bearing tread four pack

Q: What are the ExoBrackets parts for?

A: The ExoBrackets can hold a rail perpendicular to the slide it is mounted to. If we don't have the ExoBracket configuration you're looking for, our metal angle brackets can be used instead: steel angle bracket

Q: For 3D Printing, can the MicroSwiss or Bondtech DDX extruders be used on the kits?

A: Yes, the MicroSwiss DD extruder will mount to the ExoSlide carriage, provided it is the Ender 5 or 5 Plus version (or the ExoSlide version of course). The hotend carriage needs to be rotated 180 degrees from that shown in the build guide. The extruder mounts with two M4x18 bolts or longer.

The Bondtech DDX extruder also mounts to our steel hotend brackets provided with the kits. The exception is the Ender 3 or CR10(S) XZ kits that use a different hotend bracket. Contact us with your order number if you would like the DDX compatible bracket included.

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