Exoslide Annouces a Novel Modular Linear Slide System for 2020 Extrusions

Bellingham WA
April 24, 2019

Exoslide, a Bellingham WA based company, is proud to announce the Exoslide line of linear motion slides and brackets for use on 2020 aluminum extrusion.

The Exoslide linear slide presents a new approach to linear motion, each slide consisting of four radial bearings mounted to a modular carriage, with the bearings rolling on the outer edge of a 20mm wide extrusion. The slides can be used individually or up to a group of four surrounding the 2020 rail. This enables the designer of a linear motion system to use the Exoslides in a manner that avoids binding and over constraint as the carriage assembly can have 5 degrees of freedom (one slide on a rail) down to 1 degree of freedom (four slides surrounding a rail).

The Exoslides achieve modularity by a Patent Pending mounting system that allows a similar slide to be used on all sides of the rail by mounting each slide head to toe. The Exoslides come in two variants, with the bearing contact surfaces being either chrome steel (Exoslide 20S) for smooth motion with a higher load rating, or polycarbonate (Exoslide 20PC) for quiet operation and a longer rail life if aluminum 2020 rails are used.

The Exoslides are made from injection molded ABS and are supplied with a light preload by design when mounting to a 2020 aluminum. There are also preload adjustment screws if higher bearing preload is desired. Each slide also comes with four molded-in M4 inserts for easy mounting of external components.

Founder Giles Medlicott created the slides because "It all started with a need for an affordable linear motion solution for building a 3d printer that was based off readily available 2020 aluminum rails, with carriages that were stiff, yet weren’t over constrained like current options on the market".

The Exoslide 20S and Exoslide 20PC are now available from the exoslide.com online store. Pricing is $10 for either the 20S or the 20PC variants. An ecosystem with adaptor brackets is available as well.

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