Upgrade your Ender 3 X (hotend) and Z axis V-wheels with ExoSlides. This kit will work with either the base Ender 3, or the Ender 3 Pro.

This kit includes a second 400mm lead screw for dual Z lead screw operation. This kit also includes a 2020 extrusion that is 440mm long (110mm longer than the 330mm outside-to-outside width of the vertical extrusions). If upgrading a printer other than an Ender 3 with this kit, a user sourced extrusion and/or lead screw may be needed.

Compared to V-wheels, ExoSlides offer less wheel wear, lower profile, more mounting options, and the possibility to make two parallel rails that are not over-constrained.

Say goodbye to having to repeatedly having to adjust V-wheel contact tension: the ExoSlides come pre-tensioned with a slight bearing preload, and will never need preload adjustment over the service life!

Also do away with V-wheel wear and dust: the ExoSlides have durable plastic treads that roll on the extrusion surface vs. the rolling and rubbing action of V-wheels.

The Ender 3 X (hotend) and Z Motion Kit includes:
  • ExoSlide 20P, 4x
  • ExoSlide 20S, 2x
  • ExoSlide 40S, 1x
  • ExoBracket 20, 2x
  • Aluminum motor bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum idler bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum gantry bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum hotend bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum Z nut bracket, 2x
  • Aluminum Z bearing bracket, 2x
  • Printed endstop bracket, 1x
  • Printed extruder bracket, 1x
  • Printed Z support bracket, 1x
  • Printed Z motor bracket, 1x
  • Crimped X belt, 1x
  • Closed Z belt, 1x
  • 2020 x 440mm X extrusion, 1x
  • TR8 400mm lead screw and nut, 1x
  • Pillow bearing, 2x
  • Pulley, 2x
  • Bag of all nuts and bolts, 1x

For a complete list including every last nut and bolt, see the last page of the build guide document below.

The Creality CAD project page under the Guides section also has CAD (STEP and STL) models for common hotend modifications (Bondtech BMG direct drive, E3D hotend, 50mm blower with duct)

Note: The Ender 3 XZ Kit is a motion kit only (the extrusions and other transparent parts shown for reference)


Build Volume: 220 x 220 x 300 (same as the stock Ender 3)





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Robert Hayman, Feb 11, 2020

This is by far the best solution to upgrading from stock POM rollers and gantry leveling issues I have found. The kit was of high quality (both parts provided and design), and was fairly easy to install using the provided PDF guide. I would buy this kit again in a heartbeat if I end up with another compatible printer down the road!