Upgrade your Ender 3 bed (Y axis) V-wheels system with ExoSlides. This kit will work with either the base Ender 3, or the Ender 3 Pro!

Compared to V-wheels, ExoSlides offer less wheel wear, lower profile, more mounting options, and the possibility to make two parallel rails that are not over-constrained.

Say goodbye to having to repeatedly having to adjust V-wheel contact tension: the ExoSlides come pre-tensioned with a slight bearing preload, and will never need preload adjustment over the service life!

Also do away with V-wheel wear and dust: the ExoSlides have durable plastic treads that roll on the extrusion surface vs. the rolling and rubbing action of V-wheels.

The Ender 3 Y (Bed) Motion Kit includes:
  • ExoSlide 20P, 2x
  • ExoSlide 40P, 1x
  • Aluminum motor bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum idler bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum gantry bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum bed bracket, 1x
  • Printed bed block, 1x
  • Printed bed block (Pro), 1x
  • Crimped Y belt, 1x
  • 2040x375 bed extrusion, 1x
  • F688 bearing, 2x
  • Bag of all nuts and bolts, 1x

The Creality CAD project page under the Guides section also has CAD (STEP and STL) models for common hotend modifications (Bondtech BMG direct drive, E3D hotend, 50mm blower with duct)

Note: The Ender 3 Y (Bed) Kit is a motion kit only (the extrusions and other transparent parts shown for reference)


Build Volume: 220 x 220 x 290 (similar to the stock Ender 3, with Z being 10mm shorter)




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David Tidmore, Oct 28, 2022

First off the good! As expected, once properly installed and tensioned, the y-axis is now rock solid. Now, the less than anticipated. Assembly was a bit of a mixed bag as the kit had been redesigned with a metal bed mount and an adapter plate for the Ender 3 Pro, but the install guide does not reflect this. Compounding this, the adapter backet was shipped requiring 4ea, M4X35 machine bolts but none were included. The original bolts that held the factory y-axis beam to the Ender 3 Pro frame were M5, so reuse was not an option. I acquired the needed bolts but they were phillips head while I would have preferred the original torx head bolts. Reaching out to ExoSlide revealed that they now had the adapter plate with M5 nuts which they will be shipping to me. Additionally, there were NO M4 captive nuts or bolts included to mount the printed y-axis limit switch mount to the y-axis beam (I had some on hand thankfully). I also found that the suggested position of the limit switch was a tad TOO far to the rear, so it was a bit of trial and error to find the proper position. The loss of a few mm in z-axis was expected so the z-axis limit switch required adjustment which was also trial and error. So, overall, I am pleased with my decision to go with ExoSlide vs a traditional linear rail. I plan to live with this awhile and then proceed with the X & Z axis Exoslide kit.

Robert Hayman, Feb 11, 2020

This Y axis roller kit took all of the "wobble" out of my Ender 3's bed and offers a much better engineered solution over linear rail mods in my opinion. Parts were very high quality and took very little time to swap out. My printer is fairly heavily modified over stock, and Exoslide Customer Service was very responsive and helpful with my questions regarding compatibility. All in all, this kit is well worth the price and works very well with the XZ kit also sold here.