Upgrade your Ender 5 V-wheel motion system with ExoSlides. Compared to V-wheels, ExoSlides offer less wheel wear, lower profile, more mounting options, and the possibility to make two parallel rails that are not over-constrained.

Say goodbye to having to repeatedly having to adjust V-wheel contact tension: the ExoSlides come pre-tensioned with a slight bearing preload, and will never need preload adjustment over the service life!

Also do away with V-wheel wear and dust: the ExoSlides have durable plastic treads that roll on the extrusion surface vs. the rolling and rubbing action of V-wheels.

The Ender 5 XY Motion Kit includes:
  • ExoSlide 20P, 7x
  • Bracket 20mm, 2x
  • Aluminum motor bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum tensioner bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum hotend bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum X bracket, 1x
  • Aluminum Y belt bracket assembly, 2x
  • Printed X endstop bracket, 1x
  • Printed Y endstop bracket, 1x
  • Crimped X belt, 1x
  • 2020 corner bracket, 2x
  • Bag of all nuts and bolts, 1x

The Creality CAD project page under the Guides section also has CAD (STEP and STL) models for common hotend modifications (Bondtech BMG direct drive, E3D hotend, 50mm blower with duct)

Note: Ender 5 XY Kit is a motion kit only (the extrusions and other transparent parts shown for reference)


Build Volume: 220 x 220 x 300 (same as stock Ender 5)




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Gerald Jones, Apr 20, 2020

I purchased this kit a couple weeks ago installed it on my printer and haven’t had any issues. The only complain I have is the single ExoSlide on the y axis. It just doesn’t work as well as I would like. I can’t seem to get it adjusted right in order to prevent a skewed print. I feel that having two on each rail would work perfectly. The aluminum pieces are well made other than having to de bur a couple holes it went on just fine. I would recommend this kit for anyone wanting to upgrade their ender 5

Paul Riedlinger, Nov 18, 2019

I installed the kit on my Ender 5 about two months ago and it has been printing non-stop. It is so nice not to have to worry about adjusting for wear on the roller wheels that ship with the printer. The gantry seems much more rigid and it may just be my imagination, but the printer seems quieter. Kit took a few hours of easy assembly but everything fit and assembly was straight forward. Overall, well worth the kit cost if you are serious about making your printer perform better.