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Note: the slides are sold individually! Up to 4 slides can be used per rail.

The Exoslide 20P have durable plastic treads over the bearings for long rail life (if using aluminum 2020 rails), and quiet operation.

They use your 20mm square profiles to create a linear rail. Use between one to four slides per rail to control degrees of freedom. For example, with two parallel rails, you can use four slides on the one rail to act as the primary guide, and one slide on the second rail as a secondary guide. The slides are universal, and mount head to toe.

The most popular square rail profile is the 2020 aluminum extrusion. Because all extrusions vary in width slightly, the Exoslide 20P has bearing preload adjustment bolts to compensate.

The Exoslide 20P also has an open source mount platform with four M4 nuts spaced 20mm apart to mount your projects to. The mounting point specs are found in the download section.

Make your next designs better with slides that let you use common 2020 rails, are expandable to whichever length rail you can dream up, can control the degrees of freedom in arrangements that would normally bind, allow for easily adjustable bearing preload, and have an open mounting platform.


Max Bearing Radial Preload: 10N per bearing location

Dimensions: 80mm x 40mm x 19mm (bracket 13mm wide)

Weight: 34g






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GDUB BIOTCH, Dec 03, 2023

Ender 5 Plus kit Out 8 slides, 6 of them came w/ dry rotted wheels that disintegrated eminently. The plastic ends that hold the 20x20 gantry extrusion are a JOKE. Over priced plastic IMO. Expected better considering the hype so do your home work. Such as the 3D printing world I guess. Lack of hardware models is weak.

Reply by Giles Medlicott, Jan 21, 2024

Sorry to hear your experience. The treads are made from PPS and are resistance to most substances, and will only crack if excessive load is applied in our experience. Please contact us for free replacement parts, and to help determine the cause in this case.

Diego Monzon, Nov 15, 2019

These are the perfect solution for building a machine fast and easy whenever you are using 20x20 extrusions. The parts work very well and easy to adjust. These are my go to from now on. I definitely recommend them.