Modular Linear Slides for Aluminum Extrusions

Make your next project go easier with super smooth rolling, long lasting, zero maintenance ExoSlides.

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New: ExoSlide Extruder and Hotend

Introducing the ExoSlide all-metal worm-drive extruder and copper hotend.

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ExoSlides: Unlimited Motion

Modular, adjustable, easy to install.

Plastic treads or steel wheels

No rail wear or low friction

Adjustable preload

Fits almost all extrusions

Easy coupling

Mounts with only two bolts each

Modular system

Add up to four slides per rail

Low profile

Only 13mm tall

Open mounting

Four M4 pick-up points

Bracket Eco-System

Easily mount a cross-rail. Stackable for extra strength.

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ExoCube 3D Printer

Think big with a 50cm cube build volume printer with ExoSlides, fixed bed, moving gantry, and ExoSlide belt drive Z gearboxes.

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Belt Drive Z Creality Kits

Convert your Creality Ender 5 Plus or Ender 3 / CR10 to belt drive Z no more Z banding.

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Worm Drive Gearboxes

Belt drive your Z axis with these 10:1 worm-drive gearboxes that won't lose position on power down.

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All the Brackets

We have a bracket for just about everything, motors, idlers, belts, corners, edges.

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What Will You Build?

Unlimited linear motion applications.